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The trams in Prague…how I miss them.Right from the time I…

The trams in Prague…how I miss them.

Right from the time I first arrived in the city, the emotions evoked whenever I think about these hardworking trams are somehow always ones of warmth, of gratitude, of security.

It’s inexplicable. 

I remember exploring

Divoká Šárka

on my own one day. As the day darkened and I was caught within the vastness of the surrounding nature, I knew I had to make an exit if I did not want to sleep “in the wild” overnight. My first instinct at the time, was to find a tram stop. I was sure that so long as I could find it, I could definitely return safely to my dormitory. 

After much difficulty (and with helpful directions from some locals), I finally made it out. Seeing the tram stop was an immense relief. Scanning the different tram numbers and finding the familiar one put a smile on my face.

I was thankful.

Perhaps in this light then, home is also where the trams are